210th Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Lakeville plans to reconstruct 210th Street between Kensington Boulevard and Holyoke Avenue, along with the resurfacing of 210th Street/Lakeville Boulevard between Holyoke Avenue and Cedar Avenue in 2022.

Project website: 210thStreet.com

The project website will contain all up-to-date project information. Visit the site to learn more about the project, share comments and feedback, and view the project designs as they are prepared.

Project Goal

A project that successfully engages the public to share their values, perspectives and preferences for the reconstruction of 210th Street. This will result in a project Lakeville is proud of that meets the long-term multimodal needs of the City.

Project Objectives

  • Provide safe pedestrian and bicyclist connectivity to neighborhoods, schools, downtown Lakeville and the regional trail system.
  • Improve the 210th Street roadway corridor to enhance operations and make safety improvements for all roadway users.
  • Determine and install best traffic control solutions for the corridor.

Project Timeline

  • May 28, 2020 Open House No. 1: Introduce project and gather feedback
  • June – December 2020: Preliminary design
  • October 2020 Open House No. 2: Share design options for review
  • December 2020 – November 2021: Final design
  • March 2021 Open House No. 3: Present preferred design
  • February 2022 Open House No. 4: Present final design and construction impacts
  • April – November 2022: Construction

Open House No. 3

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Residents met with the project team in person and provided feedback on construction staging for 2022.

Virtual Open House No. 2

The open house presentation will remain live on the project website at 210thStreet.com.

Open House No. 1: Video presentation on the project website

Thursday, May 28. 2020
You can watch the recorded presentation online at 210thStreet.com.