Citywide Trail Gap Improvements (Park Bond Referendum)

The City of Lakeville’s Park Bond Referendum included construction of 3.75 miles of pedestrian trails to improve safety, connectivity and close existing gaps citywide. The trails that are proposed to be constructed in 2023 are located in the following areas:

  • West side of Kenyon Avenue from Kingsway Path to 178th Street
  • Chadwick Conservation Area Trail from Jacquard Avenue to Dodd Boulevard
  • South side of 175th Street from Junelle Path to Jasmine Avenue
  • West side of Highview Avenue from 172nd Street to 168th Street
  • East side of Holyoke Avenue/Highview Avenue from Heritage Drive to 185th Street
  • East side of Cedar Avenue from 210th Street to Gemini Trail

Project location map (PDF)

Project Timeline

  • Discovery: February – May 2022: Data collection (surveying, soil borings) and preliminary design
  • June 2022: Meet with impacted property owners to gather feedback
  • Design: July – December 2022: Final design of the selected improvements
  • 2023: Construction