The Forestry Division provides information to residents, businesses and schools about their trees and forests, manages white oak tree in fallthe Shade Tree Epidemic Pest Control Program (emerald ash borer, oak wilt, Dutch elm disease), the tree sale program, the public tree inventory and works across City departments from planning to parks on a number of projects and initiatives to improve the health, function and benefits of the community forest.

A community forest is more than a group of trees – it is a city’s “green infrastructure” providing measurable benefits to the community such as energy savings, cleaner air, cooler temperatures, reduction of storm water runoff and higher property values.

Lakeville has an estimated total canopy cover of 27 percent. There are more than 150,000 trees growing in mowed, maintained areas of public and private property within the community and thousands more in conservation areas and wood lots.

 The services we provide to residents and businesses include:

  • Annual Arbor Day Tree and Shrub Sale
  • Shade Tree Epidemic Pest Control Program (inspections and technical support for emerald ash borer, Dutch elm and oak wilt disease)
  • Management of diseased/poor condition trees in City natural areas and outlots 
  • Answering general questions related to tree care, planting and forestry topics
  • Presentations to community groups and schools 
  • If you notice a tree that requires pruning or removal in a City park or along an asphalt trail, contact the Parks Superintendent at 952-985-2715.
  • If you notice a tree that requires pruning or removal along the street right-of-way/boulevard or concrete sidewalk, contact Public Works at 952-985-2710 or visit our Boulevard Tree Control webpage.
  1. Emily Ball

    City Forester
    Phone: 952-985-2724