Waste Haulers

The following waste and recycling haulers are licensed to do business in Lakeville.

Residential and/or commercial haulers:

Commercial and multi-family dwellings only:

Collection of residential garbage and recycling

On March 18, the Lakeville City Council amended a City Code concerning the collection of residential garbage and recycling. Residents had concerns related to continuous disruption, noise and safety from truck traffic on residential streets and neighborhoods; constant display of unsightly trash containers; and increased instances of spilled waste.

Working with the waste haulers, service areas will condense the number of days haulers are in each neighborhood, from five days a week to just two days. The east side of the City is Wednesday/Thursday and the west side of the City is Tuesday/Wednesday. 

Download the waste hauler service areas map (PDF)

Residents are still free to pick the company and price plan of their choice among the five licensed haulers in Lakeville. The waste companies have until February 15, 2020 to determine logistics and notify their customers. You will be notified by your specific hauler when changes will be implemented.

If you have questions, contact City Hall at 952-985-4403.