Tree Guard wrapped around a tree
Gator Bag wrapped around a tree
Tree Guard (white plastic)
4' tall x 1' wide
Protect young tree stems from deer and more! Use on trees up to 3” diameter. Not suitable for shrubs, conifers or clump (multi-stem) trees - use welded wire/hardware cloth instead. You may combine several guards for larger thin barked trees in your existing landscape. Use white duct tape or zip ties to attach to the tree inconspicuously.

Water Bag (Treegator)
20 gallon capacity
Zip a plastic bag around your young tree and fill it once every 5-7 days to ensure it gets properly watered. The bag holds about 20 gallons of water at a time and slowly percolates into the soil over 5-9 hours. This is a great option if you have many new trees, and limited time to let a hose slowly water a tree. This is a better watering option than irrigation or an oscillating sprinkler.